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Biz Lounge offers different ways of advertising your product & services. Whether you are a big business or an individual we can help you reach more customers. Occupying the prominent central London position we have visitors from all walks of life; tourists, students, local businesses and residential clients.

We are open 7 days, 09:00am-11:00pm so rest assured that your marketing campaigns are working throughout this period and even beyond.

There are currently 4 marketing ways that we can offer to advertise through:

Biz Lounge | On-Screen Advertising

ON-SCREEN ADVERTISING: We create your artwork (or you provide us with one) and we display your ad on all PC terminals within the store. Wallpaper (also desktop picture and desktop background) is an image used as a background on a computer screen, usually for the desktop of a graphical user interface. We can also set this as a screensaver (a computer program that displays animations or images when the computer is not being used), meaning no matter whether PC is in use by the client or not it will still be displayed on the main screen with animations (if required) so all visitors that visit the store without the need of using the internet will still be able to see your ad..

Biz Lounge | Homepage Advertising

WEBSITE HOME PAGE: Website homepage is the web page that the browser is set to use when it starts up. When customer clicks on web browser your website homepage will appear as default homepage on our PCs, so everyone is landed to your website prior to browsing the web. If you offer online booking services, travel or hotel accommodation, then this would be the ideal way to take your advertising campaign one step further and generate more revenue.

Biz Lounge | Poster Advertising

POSTERS: We currently display number of A3 posters within the store. Upon request, we can change this size to customer's own requirements. These posters are conveniently displayed in front of customer PCs by the wall, hence are always on customer attention. This ensures that your company's products and services are easily accessible to number of potential customers each and every week. A professionally designed artwork (text, shape, colour etc) can have a deep and lasting effect on the target audience.

Biz Lounge | POS Advertising

POINT OF SALE: Would you like customers to take something away? We can help distributing your leaflets, flyers, business cards or else, so be sure your marketing works even beyond our premises. Printed matter is unique in that it can be passed from person to person without distortion, so if you are a local business or self-employed individual then this would be an ideal way of generating more revenue for your business.

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