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We combine business and pleasure together, so you can sit back and enjoy your work with a fresh cup of tea or coffee. We proudly brew finest Fairtrade Coffee Beans. When you come, simply ask for a cup and member of staff will bring your hot drink shortly to your PC. We also have fresh muffins, flapjacks and variety of other snacks, please help yourself and simply pay at the end on your way out..


Hot DrinksCappucino : Latte : Espresso : Americano : Hot Chocolate :Tea


Cold Drinks


Water : Lucozade : Coke / Diet Coke : Dr Pepper : Oasis Summer Fruit : Red Bull : and more




Snickers : Mars : Kit Kat : Bounty : Twix : M&M : Maltesers : Muffins : Flapjacks : and much more


Print & Copy
Binding & Laminating
Fax, Mobiles, Top Up...
CD / DVD Burn
Digital Photos
Web & Graphic Design
IT Support
Coffee & Snacks
Venue Hire



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